Courses Taught by Professor Lane:

Psychology of Good and Evil (PSY 125) | Syllabus

Introduction to Psychological Science (PSY 141) | Syllabus

Statistics for Psychology (PSY 203) Syllabus

Social Psychology (PSY 220) | Syllabus

Social Cognition (PSY 229) | Syllabus

Judgement and Decision Making (PSY 244) | Syllabus

Stereotyping and Prejudice (PSY 337) | Syllabus

Automaticity of Social Life (PSY 367) | Syllabus

Self and Identity (PSY 340) | Syllabus

Race and the Law: A Psychological Perspective (PSY 352) | Syllabus

Senior Projects Advised by Professor Lane:


In Progress by Josh Velette

In Progress by William Flack

In Progress by Audrey Malloy

In Progress by Sage Warner

Immigrants in America: The Relationship Between Acculturation and Well-Being, and the Validation of Self-Report as a Measurement Tool by Bolivia Ray Williams








The burned-out caregiver: Risk, resiliency, and future directions in treatment and prevention by Sarah Gordon

The self and consciosness: Theories and experimental proposals by Nick Hodgetts

The African-American: A social-psychological perspective explaining the formation of the identity by DeShaun Houston

The effectiveness of implicit and explicit self-affirmation in reducing Chinese and American age-related stereotypes by Morgan Kennedy

Sensitivity or bias: Using signal detection analysis to examine the relationship between power and stereotyping by Yi (Jenny) Xiao


On the primary and secondary qualities of emotions by Biqing (Jamie) Chen

Implicit awareness of false memories in the Deese-Roediger-McDermott paradigm: A psychophysiological investigation of language comprehension by Heidi Choi

Are women from Venus and men from Mars? The consequences of exposure to theories of gender similarity and difference by Wren (Scott) Gould

Does guilt-tripping equal effective policy? An investigation of emotion and intertemporal choice by T. Edward Hall

Female genital cutting within the Somali communities in Lewiston, Maine by Nadar Mohamud

Current Senior Advisees